Can we – and should we – sculpt Mars into a second Earth?


Can we – and should we – sculpt Mars into a second Earth?

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  4. obonicのコメント: Hellz yeah!
  5. therealgun21の回答: YES! YES! YES! Earth won’t last forever, and we’re all going to die when it goes kaput!
  6. arogersfordの回答: Today we can’t, one day we´ll be able to, and then we will. Regardless of whether we should or not, it’s human nature to occupy everything.
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  9. oh-nooの回答: yes, we should, but i dont know if we can. the magnetic field is so weak that any atmosphere will be blown away by solar wind, or am i wrong?
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  11. newtgingwitchの回答: Of course, it’s our duty as living beings to propagate, secure, and protect life. What better way to do that than to revive a dead world?
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  17. the-best-tool-we-haveの回答: HELL YES!
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  21. spidey-sensess-tinglingの回答: I’ve read in National Geographic that it is possible to terraform Mars but it would take several generations to do so
  22. cavalierzeeの回答: We can’t! We must not attempt it! Why not fix earth and make it better? We already have a habitable planet in our possession. Spend the time,
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  24. imaginosproductionsの回答: There are times I think it’ll be the only way to prevent our own destruction.